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8Merge 1.x resource and site loaders into 2.x codetholbrootaskcriticalbase code2.0
4Check that continues/continued by are using the right termtholbroodefectmajorCJDB2.0
5Clean up templatestholbrootaskmajorCJDB2.0
6Clean up templatestholbrootaskmajorMaintTool2.0
7Clean up templatestholbrootaskmajorResolver2.0
9Change CJDB loading code to combine print/CUFTS in one transactiontholbrootaskmajorCJDB2.0
11Write installertholbrootaskmajorbase code2.0
17Add constraints to local_journals tabletholbroodefectmajorbase code2.0
69Review how journals_auth generation and processing is handledtholbrootaskmajorCJDB2.0
2Switch CJDB to use Static::SimpletholbrootaskminorCJDB2.0
3Switch MaintTool to use Static::SimpletholbrootaskminorMaintTool2.0
12Write and add Bundle::CUFTS to CPANtholbrootaskminorbase code2.0
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