CUFTS is an open source (GPL) OpenURL link resolver designed for use by library consortia. It supports multiple sites from one server, online management tools, usage statistics, and an advanced journal list system. An open knowledgebase of over 400 resources with more than 400,000 title records is available for license. Sites can individually activate resources they have access to, as well as subserts of titles for packages to which they only have partial subscriptions.

CUFTS includes a journal A-Z listing system which incorporates print record data to provide users with an integrated, comprehensive list of journals they have access to. Integrating the link resolver and journals lists means that subscription information only has to be maintained in one place. Also included is resource level ERM information for subscription information, license details, etc. It also includes a database A-Z list.

Developed at the Simon Fraser University Library for the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL) and the BC Electronic Library Network, the main CUFTS server is currently handling fulltext link resolving for many members and associates.

CUFTS is written entirely in Perl, uses PostgreSQL as a database, and Apache for a webserver. Resources are written as simple plugin modules so adding new resources and types of linking is easy. CrossRef support for DOI linking through is included, as well as some example resources for linking to web searches and library catalogues (for holdings searches). While the focus is on on-line journals, the system can be expanded to also support ebooks and other document types.